Art of Feminine

Empowering Christian women in their femininity

Welcome to your safe space

Art of Feminine (AoF) is your safe space to share and overcome difficult issues. Relationship problems. Pain. Loss. Grief. Loneliness. Heartbreak. Trauma. Just feeling “stuck” or “less than”. You know that something has to change, but you’re not sure where to start. 

Our women’s support group is here to set you on your beautiful journey of self-love and self-discovery. We want to help you feel safe, secure, feminine, confident and to embrace what God has given you.

What is Art of Feminine?

AoF is a journey and a living story. By fostering community, encouraging connections, and offering non-judgemental support, Art of Feminine aims to make women feel more empowered in their femininity at various stages of their lives and at all ages. It is a platform for women to participate, share and network.

We also work with leading professionals to deliver exceptional services, events and products for women. 

Hi, I’m Sam

One day, amidst the chaos of 2021, the Lord laid it on my heart that Christian women have no vehicle to glory in their femininity. There is little to nothing available for women to look and feel genuinely feminine. I know this because I experienced it myself.

I have had my own difficulties in a personal romantic relationship, which left me feeling less than feminine. I was in a terrible state. I looked to my faith, but I found that I didn’t have any Christian female friends to turn to. I needed a meaningful and constructive support system, one without judgement. And I found it lacking.

While travelling in the Middle East, I noticed how the women there have close networks of female relationships across various age groups. Young girls are reared, encouraged, and mentored by older women. They are actively equipped to progress into marriage, family, and society. This is done with frank discourse, intimate gatherings, and storytelling. I felt that this same intimate sense of a feminine community wasn’t as readily available in our Western society.

To bridge this gap, Art of Feminine has become my passion project and my purpose.

What we do

Here’s how we offer support to women at all life stages


Workshops and retreats addressing specific themes affecting women in their business, family and personal lives.


One-on-one and intimate group coaching sessions to support women on their journeys to becoming the best versions of themselves.


Beautiful, high-quality products from women-led businesses that enhance what it means to be a woman.


Escape your everyday life to work on an extraordinary project - you!

Etiquette Coaching

We equip you with the life skills and tools to exude self-confidence in any setting.


The Art of Feminine Podcast, Journal and social media provide you with ideas and inspiration to use in your everyday life.

Our women’s support group enables you to share your experiences, connect with a community and links you with specialists in the field:

Trauma Counsellors





Can AoF help you become a better version of yourself?

Do you find yourself asking:

Why am I here?
What do I want to achieve with my life?
How do I get up in the morning and feel better about myself?
How am I going to be a better version of myself?

Our platforms create a safe space for women to discuss problems and shared experiences at any life stage. Whether you are dealing with historic trauma, burnout, divorce, heartache, grief, femininity in the workplace, or just need an outlet, AoF provides women-centred coaching, sharing and collaboration.

As women, there’s so much we can achieve by sharing our narratives and walking a journey together. You’re invited to join our women’s support group as we strive to be a bit better every day.


The best way to find out more about our community and what we can do together is to get in touch!

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